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It’s Alive

Think AppAbout two months or so ago, I broke the news here that my magazine capstone this semester had officially launched our website, Think Mag. Well, not only has our website been up and running for a while now (and gradually increasing in unique views each day), but our app has officially gone live in the App Store. Read More


Looking Back

relayscollage_FotorThe final weeks of my college career at Drake University are approaching, and I am more than ready to graduate – fingers crossed that I will, of course. But the closer I get to graduating, the more I begin to reflect over my past four years at Drake. Here are some of my greatest (and favorite) achievements from over the past four years. Read More



think400Since the very first day of this Spring semester, I’ve been eager to show the world what I will be working on in my magazine capstone. Well, the time has finally come for the big reveal.¬† Read More


Welcome to My Life

IMG_2637Hello world!

Welcome to my site, and thus by extension, my life. If you’ve been searching for this site long, congrats, you’ve finally discovered it. But, if you’re just stumbling upon this site accidentally – feel free to take some time and look around, you may discover something you never expected. Read More