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Welcome to My Life

IMG_2637Hello world!

Welcome to my site, and thus by extension, my life. If you’ve been searching for this site long, congrats, you’ve finally discovered it. But, if you’re just stumbling upon this site accidentally – feel free to take some time and look around, you may discover something you never expected.

Feel free to check out the About page to get a sense of who I am. This post is more to introduce myself and where you may have seen my name (or picture) before.

Besides this professional site, I also run two other blogs. The Cultured Collegiate is my entertainment and pop culture blog. I primarily review movies, talk about films I desperately want to see, and songs I’m obsessing over. On the other end of the blogging spectrum you’ll find my much more personal site, Sam Unfiltered. A compilation of the uncensored accounts of my daily life. Feel free to take a peek at both, especially if you’re just dying to know more about me and what I want to do with my life.

Maybe you haven’t been to either of my blogs before, but you swear you’ve seen my byline prior to this moment – don’t fret – it could have very well been while I interned for Inked Magazine or guest blogged for Limerence Magazine. Check the Portfolio tab above for samples of my work from these two publications. As I continue to guest blog for Limerence and act as a Senior Editor of Think Mag, I will update the site with my latest articles to keep you all in the loop.

Searching for more professional information about me? Wondering who my most recent employers are or what classes I have taken related to what I dream of doing with my life? The Résumé page will connect you with all that information. Not only can you access my résumé as a PDF, but you can see it immediately on the page itself.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact me via the email and phone number listed on the Contact page or check out my Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn. Otherwise, go forth and explore.

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