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Think AppAbout two months or so ago, I broke the news here that my magazine capstone this semester had officially launched our website, Think Mag. Well, not only has our website been up and running for a while now (and gradually increasing in unique views each day), but our app has officially gone live in the App Store.

The Think team has been slaving over this app for weeks. In fact, there have been many sleepless nights for some of us. On top of developing an app, we also had to maintain the website – writing, editing, and coding daily. It’s been a long and tiring process, but all our hard work has finally paid off.

From articles about the reality behind Google’s carbon footprint to a closer look at the booming spirits industry in the Midwest, the Think Mag app has a variety of investigative and fun articles to take a glimpse at.

Say you love reading long-form personal experiences about riding the Green Line in Chicago or enjoy gazing upon beautifully crafted slideshows that display writers’ residencies across the country, there is a little something for everyone to swipe through in the app. Even if you’re simply bored and just dig looking at cool designs, this app is for you.

Check out the “Wasted” Edition of Think Mag for iPads by downloading it here.

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