Samantha Baker

Writer. Dreamer. Explorer.


selfportraitA self-proclaimed writer, big dreamer, and an avid explorer, Samantha Baker takes life as it comes – one day at a time. Her current philosophy on life, “Don’t live in the past, live in the now,” helps her maintain a positive outlook when life becomes overwhelming. Having finished up her three and a half years at Drake University in May 2014, Samantha is ready to dive in to whatever comes her way next.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, specifically magazine journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts in English, Samantha is well aware that her future may be slow to start, but she’s filled with excitement just thinking of all the possibilities that await her. Living in the Big Apple as an Editorial Assistant for a major publication or shacking up in a small town writing for the local magazine, anything can happen. As Samantha applies for jobs, she is not limiting herself as to where she wants to work or what she wants to do whatsoever. All she knows is that she just wants to write.

Hailing from good ‘ole Carol Stream, IL, Samantha grew up with a pen in one hand and a book in the other. As Samantha put her thoughts on paper in between chapters of her latest read, she grew up knowing she wanted to get out of the Chicago suburbs and explore the world. Upon being introduced to technology, Samantha was constantly at the computer writing chapters in her never-to-be-published book, reading articles on Hollywood, and planning trips across the world, all from the comfort of her father’s home office.

The time has finally come for Samantha to leave the luxury of her father’s home office and fulfill her dreams, which are turning out quite differently than she could have ever imagined. Just as she has grown over the past three and a half years attending Drake (she took the first semester of junior year off to do some much-needed soul searching), so have her dreams. While she once dreamed of teaching, she now hopes to write, but more importantly, to tell stories.

Even though Samantha has no idea what’s coming next, she does know that she’s ready for anything. And fingers crossed, she’ll begin conquering the world very soon.